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We, Wallpaper Kenya are wallpaper for walls wholesalers and retailers with agents countrywide. That saves you time and money.

And Wallpaper Kenya is the national pioneer in wallpaper for walls and wallpaper adhesives, home and office interior decoration. Take advantage of our custom-made wallpaper murals on silk fabric that is both removable and reusable.

With customized murals choose any image, artwork, or picture and we will blow it up on a full wall. It is the only way you will have a truly unique wallpaper. That is a wallpaper design that you will not find in any other place. For instance, your family portrait. Or go for a 3d Nature Scene such as a forest, beach, or Waterfall. Anything you fancy.

Take advantage of Wallpaper’s unrivaled experience and expertise in classic, modern & contemporary wallpaper designs. Also in wallpaper distribution and wallpaper installation.

 Here you will find a full of a huge range of different colors of wallpaper designs and patterns. Namely 3D wallpaper, brick and stone wallpaper, damask designs, and plain white textured ceiling wallpaper. Secret_Garden_black_wallpaperOther favorites are floral wallpaper, children’s wallpaper, boys’ room wallpapers, girls’ wallpapers, cartoons, geometric designs, and wood effects. And many more for both wholesale and retail. At our warehouse, you will find the perfect wallpaper to suit whatever room you are decorating. We also stock wallpaper adhesive.     Wallpaper Kenya offers Textures, Patterns, Color Depth, & Customized Murals

Types of a wallpaper at Wallpaper Kenya
You should know the types of wallpaper you will find in Kenya. Because you need to distinguish their resistance to use, humidity and light to know which one you need. However, you can classify these different wallpapers in different ways. For example according to design or according to the material the wallpaper is made of. There are different types and here we mention but a few.

Vinyl wallpaper: The bulk of Wallpaper Kenya products
This category consists of the vast bulk of Wallpaper Kenya products.

Because this extremely durable and waterproof material is plastic polyvinyl chloride. We all know it as PVC. And you know there are many other building materials made of vinyl. Such as vinyl floors and countless other everyday objects, wallpapers are also made from vinyl. But only the surface.

Gold-damaskThe carrier material is either paper or fleece, made of  PVC decorative coating. And vinyl can be applied to the carrier material in two ways. Either the plastic is sprayed on in the liquid form. Or the wallpaper is laminated with a solid vinyl layer. The surface is often refined to give it a special look. Embossing and foamed structures are possible. And vinyl wallpaper was a big hit when they hit the market and have remained so to this day. Nothing about that will change shortly. On the contrary. The pattern designs of the washable plastic wallpapers are extremely multifaceted. You will benefit from a universal wallpaper that offers several advantages and is versatile.

The PVC wallpaper decorates rooms that are exposed to increased moisture development, e.g. kitchens and bathrooms. But it is also an ideal and robust wall covering for heavily used areas such as hallways, corridors, staircases, and children’s rooms. Vinyl wallpaper can even be used in a dry basement.

100% Waterproof Self Adhesive Contact Paper Wallpaper in Kenya
This collection now at Wallpaper Kenya is the latest innovation of wallpaper in the world. Because it is 100% waterproof and adheres to almost all materials, it is the shocking ally of interiors looking for something new.

Self Adhesive Contact Paper

And also it is a solution widely appreciated by tenants who wish to make their home to their liking, without risking losing their deposit. As it is as easily removable as it is to apply.

Given all those qualities, you can install self-adhesive wallpaper in any room and all rooms. All of them! I repeat, all of them! No constraints for parts, provided you choose a suitable model. But you will have adhesive wallpapers specially designed to be welcomed in wet areas and water features. In the kitchen, in credence, it must be able to be cleaned in the event of projections of cooking. As for bedrooms, living room, hall, etc., the selection is endless. You can even use it to decorate toilets and toilets.

Paper wallpaper
This is one of those you will hardly find at Wallpaper Kenya. Because it is composed of mostly paper and but rarely in a textile base. It is delicate so use it if there is too much traffic in the area. And Its placement is also delicate.

Non-woven fabric or TNT at Wallpaper Kenya
TNT or Non-woven wallpaper in Kenya is composed of a textile base and a vinyl decorative layer. And therefore it is resistant to wear, sunlight and humidity. So it can be washed with a damp cloth. Choose it for high-traffic areas and in kitchens, bathrooms, and children’s and youth rooms

Silk fabric mural printing at Wallpaper Kenya
Wallpaper Kenya presents you the option of making a mural from a photograph of yourself using silk fabric custom wallpaper. Or a photograph you choose from the photo bank online or elsewhere.


And this allows you to cover any place in the house. Be it the kitchens, dining rooms, children’s bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Or even offices or shops, with the image that best suits the environment.

“What is the cost of wallpaper per meter in Kenya? ”is a frequently asked question. Or ”What is the price of wallpaper per square meter in Nairobi?”

The cost of  wallpaper murals in Kenya

> We are direct importers and these are the best prices you can get anywhere in Kenya. All over the world, the universal standard size is 53 centimeters by 9.5 meters. Therefore a standard size wallpaper, if plain, will cover an area of approximately 0.53 meters multiplied by 9.5 meters. That is roughly 5 square meters. Divide our wallpaper price, Sh. 1500 by the area covered. You will find that the price of the material wallpaper is Sh. 300 per square meter. But that does not include the cost of expert installation. Which is Sh. 100 only per square meter for wallpaper bought from Wallpaper Kenya.

> The cost of wallpaper, Gold & brown damask cost KS 2000 per roll. Or KS 3000 supply and installation.

> 3d custom made wallpaper mural
This translates to Kenya shillings 800 per square meter all-inclusive, supply and installation.

>The cost per square meter is KS 400 for supply and installation
Well, wallpaper comes in a universal standard size roll 53 centimeters by 9.5 meters starting from Kenya Shillings 800 per roll supply only. The next design of wallpaper costs Kenya shillings 1200 per roll. Then we have a premium quality wallpaper for Kenya shillings 1500 per roll supply only.

If you are going to do it yourself, remember to add the cost of wallpaper adhesive. Because you will need to buy a 180 gram of special wallpaper adhesive which will cost you Shilling 300 per sachet. This is enough to hang 4 rolls or more.


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