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Drip Kits????

           (2 drips/bed) (3drips/bed)

1/8 acre - 25K 28K

1/4 acre - 42K 52K

1/2 acre - 66K 76K

1 acre - 135K 165K

            *Tomatoes *Onions

            *Cabbages *Garlic


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To harvest 1 million liters of water, you need a reservoir that has a volume of 1000 cubic meters

Either of these measurements can do when digging a waterpan 

25m by 20m by 2m 

25m by 10m by 4m 

20m by 10m by 5m 

10m by 10m by 10m 

Calculation of damliners 


For a watepan that measures 25m × 20m × 2m

The liner calculation will be 

Length [25m + 2(2m) + 2] = 31m 

Width [20m + 2(2m) + 2] = 26m 

Area = 31m by 26m = 806 Square meters 

Assuming you're using 0.5mm damliner which goes for Ksh 250 per sqm, 

806sqm × ksh 250 = 201,500

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