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kitchen granite counter tops| Suppliers| Installers| Best prices in Nairobi

You’d be hard-pressed not to find granite countertops in just about any modern kitchen these days. And it makes sense, really; granite is strong and durable, made to last, lends a stunning aesth...

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24pc dinner set

  24pc dinner set  Microwave safe  100% bone   6 mugs 6 dinner plates  6 side plates 6 bowl soup   T

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Features  ; >8 doors >Colour: White >Width:1.2m >Height:1.84m >Handles in polyethylene with chrome finish >Reflected glass doors >Easy and quick assembly >2 draw...

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Desssini Non stick cookware(10)

It’s a non stick affair  Wachana na kusugua sufuria non stick is the way to go Enjoy digital lifestyle  Cook and serve in style    T

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Tea set

Including ; 6cups 6saucers Kettle Cream holder   T

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