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Authentic Mkeka wa Mbao of Floor Decor

Make anywhere feel like home with our mkeka wa mbao vinyl flooring from Beauflor®. Mkeka wa mbao vinyl rolls offer abundant possibilities: many colours, various designs, so many choices....

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Coninx Gutter angle Internal 90°

 Coninx Gutter angle Internal 90°

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Bathtub mixer Knob 1/2?

Finish: Shiny Chrome Product Type: Pillar Construction: Body is of Brass Construction Suitable for all plumbing systems Hot and cold use  

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PVC ceiling heavy gauge 19ft x12? 1 Bundle(6 Pieces)

  PVC ceiling Kenya products from China Variety of colour and Designs Ceiling Panel For Interior Decoration Dimensions : 18 Feet Length by 1 foot width Coverage : 11.5 Square Meters Choos...

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gypsum filler 25kg gyproc

Its ideal for jointing gypsum boards together with fibre tape. Used to skim over or smoothen walls and ceilings before painting  

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Chipboard Veneer single side 8ft x4ft x18mm

Chipboard Veneered- 1220*2440*18mm Minimum Order: 5 Pieces Veneered chipboard will make a good alternative to solid wood when decorating, creating furniture. It can be used to create various pieces ...

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gypsum board 8ft × 4ft × 9 mm (hada)

  Minimum Order: 20 Pieces Lightweight and strong: gypsum board is relatively light compared to the alternative materials. This makes it easy to work with especially when doing high ceilings ...

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top roof salama 30 gauge 2 meters

  Top Roof Salama Profile 30 Gauge Salama is a corrugated profile used mainly for roof and wall cladding. It is suitable for both exterior and interior applications. This sinusoidal profile giv...

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chain link 14 gauge 5 feet high

  Chain Link Gauge: 14 Gauge Length: 18 Meters Roll Height: 5 Feet High Mesh Size: 80 Millimeter Type of end: Barbed End Made in accordance to KEBS standard KS 261:2007.  Sizes re...

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