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Steel Reinforcement Bars | Deformed bars | Best prices in Nairobi

*BUILDING* *AND* *CONSTRUCTION **MATERIALS* *  current prices  *D32* @12500 **D25*@ 7600 *D20** @5000 *D16* @2850 *D12*@1670 *D10*@ 1150 *D8*@770. *Binding***wi...

Cypress timber | Modac Timber Yard | Best prices in Nairobi

At Modaq timer Yard, we deal with all types of timber with discounted prices We do delivery countrywide. Cypress timber available,   sizes & prices   cyprus 4*2 > 50 ks...

artificial grass

 From golf courses, residential and commercial landscapes to resorts, hospitals and sports fields, Life too busy to be worried about mowing and maintenance. That's why Artificial ...

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kitchen granite counter tops

Thickness of slabs; 20mm size of 2.4mtrs by 0.6mtrs Kitchen granite tops at only ksh 8,500 per slab Kenya black galaxy kitchen granite tops available at only Ksh 13,000 per slab all counter tops ar...

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Charge Controllers

 we are a reputed solar charge controller supplier in Kenya. We supply high-quality solar charge controller at affordable prices.Our products come equipped with various features such as low volta...

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Solar Batteries

Do you need Solar Batteries - for solar power backup or off the grid solutions?We supply a large variety of solar batteries .Go Solar offers many models of the deep cycle or AGM inverter batteries in ...

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 we provide full range of pure sine wave inverters for you power backup and offgrid solar needs .We are the number one destination for buying inverters at the best price in Kenya. We offer leadin...

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solar panels

Buy high quality and super efficient solar panels in Kenya from Online  store. See our solar panel prices. Buy 100W, 200W, 250W, 280W, 300W, 310W, 340W solar panels at good price. We deliver to a...

90watts solar powered streetlights

90watts solar powered streetlights Automatic waterproof and all weather conditions. For your outdoor security lights Lighting your ways with zero electricity forever 12hrs working no w...

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Authentic Mkeka wa Mbao of Floor Decor | Vynyl Flooring | Best Prices in Kenya

What is the wear layer for Mkeka wa mbao vinyl flooring?When shopping for Mkeka wa mbao vinyl flooring, all of the terms can be hard to keep track of! One question that gets asked most often is, what ...

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