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What to look for when shopping for a home

9th Jun 2021

There is a quote by an some person that goes, “A house is made of bricks and beams; a home is made of love and dreams”. This sums up what most individuals view a home to be, it is not about the structure, it is about the comfort that people aspire to have. Love is relative, dreams are ambitious but the two could be a driving factor in choosing a home. The dream home they say, a place to feel secure, with loving neighbors thus a home is all about the environment. To those who want to own a home, the following will be top of your checklist:


The location could be about convenience or prestige, one may prefer a location just because they are able to get to work on time or simply because they feel that is where their “class” belong. The reasons as to why someone will choose Gachie in Kiambu or Karen in Nairobi may vary but one thing is constant, location is a factor when choosing a home.


Closely tied to location is security, the assurance that one is safe in their neighborhood brings with it the “feel at home aspect”. Security is not about the physical installation of a police post at your gate but it is more of a perception. If one feels secure in a neighborhood then definitely that is a place to consider for a home.


The infrastructure of the intended location of your home is also something to put a tick against. The questions that would come along would be as follows: Do you have access to clean water and sewer system? What is the state of access roads? Is the area connected to national electricity grid? Get them ticked “yes” and there you have a home.

Social Amenities

The social amenities in the neighborhood would offer a “social life” one needs away from home, the parks for weekend afternoons, the malls for Sunday afternoon shopping, the playing fields for kids to have a stretch and so on. A home in an area where fun is next door.


As you go about home shopping, here at Cytonn we wish you happy buying and watch out for our breath-taking developments, you may just find a home in one of them.

To own a home is everyone’s dream but to make a home is everyone’s duty.




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