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Things to Buy When Moving Out for the First Time

27th Aug 2022

It is such an amazing feeling when you get to the point where you are finally ready to move out of your parent’s house to start living alone.


It can also be quite frightening, especially if you haven’t planned properly. Have you saved enough money? Do you know what essential items you need to buy before you move? 


Worry not! We have created a “moving out for the first time checklist” to make it easier for you to plan and save ahead before you move.


Carry this list with you to a supermarket to start doing costing to get an idea of how much you will need to save for the household items.


Another affordable place you could visit is Kamukunji which is close to Muthurwa market.  


Items to Buy


Below is a list of the top things to consider for your kitchen. 


kitchen checklist

> salt shaker       > plates,Bowls        > cutting board

> glasses,mugs      > serving spoon       > spoons,forks,knives

> sufurias          > mwiko               > kettle, storage containers

> fridge            > dish rack           > microwave

> ziplock bags      > kitchen towels      > trash bags


It is said that the best memories are made in the kitchen. That is why creating a well-functioning kitchen is important for you and your visitors will come by once you are fully comfortable to host.



consider these living room items. 


moving out living room checklist


> couch              > carpet              >  curtains

> coffee table       > throw pillows       > tv, tv stand


For people who are starting to live on their own, they will either move to a DSQ, bedsitter or 1 bedroom. Depending on your budget, the type of house and the space available, 


moving out bedroom checklist


> mirror                   > iron box                   > curtains

> hangers                  > laundry basket             > trash can

> shoe rack                > bed & mattress             > blankets & duvet

>bedsheets & pillow cases


The only thing you might think you need when you move out is a bed and a mattress. But you will quickly realize that there are more essential items you should not overlook. Did you think about these things?


moving out bathroom checklist


> tissue                   > towels               > plunger

> toileteries              > shower curtain       > toilet brush cleaner

> tooth paste & brush


The bathroom is the place you go to unwind and wash off the day’s stress. You don’t want to get ready to take a shower then find that you forgot to buy soap. Another thing that people forget to purchase is toilet paper. That is why it is at the top of our list. 




Don’t Forget These Ones


It’s really hard to remember everything that you need when moving out for the first time. Once you are in your house, that’s when you find out you forgot to include some items in the shopping list. Below are some things that could easily slip your mind.  


Extension Cables



Surge Protectors




Mop, Broom and Dustpan


Cleaning Supplies


Remember that, only you know how much you are willing to spend on your move. Don’t feel pressured into living in a neighbourhood or buying stuff you can’t afford. Also, don’t forget to budget for the actual rent and deposit for the place you are moving to. 


Moving is a costly affair and without proper planning, you could end up staying at your parent’s place longer than you had anticipated. Start small by buying items while you still live with your parents. You will feel less stressed when the time to move comes.   




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