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Rental Tenants: Rights of a Tenant in Kenya

27th Mar 2022

Unjustifiable rent increment, verbal abuse, threats, utilities cut off and improper waste disposal are just but a few of the problems city tenants are faced with in the hands of rogue landlords. The ...

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Why real estate data is vital for investors

18th Mar 2022

Real estate markets are by nature obscure and often require professional input to understand because they are characterised by assets which are usually sold through privately negotiated deals. &nbs...

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Legal Steps For Buying Land In Kenya

19th Oct 2021

In Kenya, there are three significant steps involved in purchasing land.  In the news, you hear or read about stories where some Kenyans have lost a lot to conmen and con-women in the process of ...

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New ways to invest in real estate

9th Sep 2021

SUMMARY, * One of the innovative ways of property investment is the concept of   licensing.* A licence allows third parties access to your property at a fee.* A licence is attractive for ...

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